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Matty Bedrosian (Yummm) | Faerie

(2022) LA-based singer-songwriter and producer Matty Bedrosian joins Faerie to create an indie pop atmosphere filled with shimmering synths, warm guitars, hypnotic vocals, and an unforgettable hook. 

See 'dizzy spells'


Written By
Matty Bedrosian (
Christine Joyce Lam
Christian Young (

Vocals By
Christine Joyce Lam

Instrumentation, Produced By
Matty Bedrosian

Mixed By
Bob Li (

Mastered By
Gabi Grella

Video Produced and Edited By
Paige Duche (

Gracie Kahn

Photography By
Ciara Nicdao (

Makeup By
Hannah Lauren (

Cover Art By
Brian Scagnelli (

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