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How did Christine Lam manage to spread her wings and fly in the music world? Faith, trust, and a little bit of Faerie dust.

Lam, a New Yorker and self-taught musician, found her start in 2008 posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. What seemed like a simple hobby turned into a way to jumpstart a music career, earning her over 200K views overall on her channel. 

The success of one video in particular led to Lam and a friend getting to meet One Direction, every 2010 teen’s dream. A few performances at Carnegie Hall and TEDxChelseaPark later, it was clear that music was her passion and her destiny.

Once she started college, she turned to songwriting and composition to give voice to her dreamy thoughts of wonder and escapism. Faerie was introduced to the world when Lam, now a college graduate, teamed up with Canadian producer Jonathan Atkins (wavcat) to release her first solo indie, synthpop single “Fever Dream.' Over 20 collaborations led to Lam meeting Atkins and releasing her debut EP, 2am (2021), which amassed over 20K streams.

Described by Unclear Magazine as “futuristic and fun,” Faerie fuses bedroom pop and elements of dreamy indie music to craft her unique sound. The next phase of her journey took flight in 2021 when she joined forces with Los Angeles-based producer Matty Bedrosian (Yummm) for her highly-anticipated sophomore indie pop EP, dizzy spells. Headlined by the whimsical and groovy lead single “k-town,” the EP sees Lam experimenting with folk and psychedelic sounds, and is now available everywhere for your ears to listen.


"There's something hearty about ['k-town'], it's like a good cup of joe on the way to work, a cityscape sliding by against the window, the radio booming and the caffeine kicking in. The track shouts self-assurance, big-town energy, and dream pop motivations. It's a thrift-store shirt at a business meeting, a baseball cap at a theatre show - pure oxymoronic fashion, but sound. Faerie has given me the big city sound I needed in a takeaway cup, and I'll be back again tomorrow."

"From the gorgeous nature of the hypnotic soundscape to her thoughtful lyrics about suppressed memories and an overwhelming yearning for enlightenment, ‘k-town’ boasts both catchy pop sensibilities and a distinctive charm and personality that allows her sound to feel both familiar yet cutting edge and exciting."

"...2am is the type of record you hear late at night during the most vulnerable hours when half of your consciousness is dreaming away and your body starts grooving with the nocturnal existential flow. The opener 'Fever Dream' has the retro glow of 80s pop glossed with sparks of disco. 'White Noise' is an ethereal anthem with tints of underground house where Faerie’s smoky vocals add a layer of hypnotism to it."

"‘k-town’ feels like a surreal and wondrous journey that sonically captures the final sunshiny remnants as Summer fades into Autumn. Faerie has well and truly delivered the goods (and no doubt earnt herself some new fans), with this latest piece providing the cosy, comforting blanket of magic to soundtrack the rest of October, and beyond."


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Sari Sari Co Presents: Puff, Paint & Vibe ft. Faerie
Sari Sari Co Presents: Puff, Paint & Vibe ft. Faerie
Feb 25, 2023, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST
Visionary Art Gallery,
199 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA


Christine Joyce Lam (Faerie)

Joslin Keim (Publicist)

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