All recording sessions are done remotely unless said otherwise. Communication is usually done through email or through an occasional Skype call. The exchanging of files will be done through Google Drive, Dropbox, or file-sharing site of your choice. High-quality recordings, fast responses, collaboration, and easy transaction guaranteed!

Browse a variety of packages below with prices ranging from $75 - $300.

Please DO NOT purchase packages directly from the site.

Fill out the contact form and include the package you're interested in.


Pop, Pop-Rock
Indie Pop, Indie Rock



These terms and conditions are here to ensure the rights of the artists working on the current project. Please read the terms and conditions below before contacting:

  1. I am currently not accepting in-person meetings/sessions.

  2. All payments are upfront and MUST be paid before the final draft of recordings is sent.

  3. I will be offering 1 free full song revision (meaning that if you are unsatisfied with the product during or after its final draft, I will be willing to start over or edit my work according to your notes). Any other additional revisions will have an additional cost.

  4. There is a cancellation policy and refund policy. These policies are specific and will be included in your contract. 

  5. All online transactions will be made through PayPal (USD) unless stated otherwise. 

  6. All projects will be worked on with a collaborative effort. This means that all artists involved in the project have the right to contribute their ideas and receive criticism for it, whether it is positive or negative. For example, suggested lyrics are subject to be changed or rearranged by other collaborators. Before changing or rearranging lyrics, all artists must be informed about the changes.

  7. Promoting the final version of the current project depends on the artists working on the current project. There are no official promoters for Faerie’s music.

These terms and conditions are created under the music artist Faerie and her services, which may change over time. By contacting me, you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information. If you have any questions, please mention them your email. A separate contract will be drafted and sent after a quote. 



I am available to work as a vocalist and/or songwriter for your upcoming track. I have always loved collaborating with different types of artists, and I am open to suggestions and negotiations! To contact me, please include your contact information, your project information, and please answer the following questions: ​

  1. What package are you purchasing?*

  2. What genre/style is the track?

  3. How will the track be distributed (Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, free download, etc.)?

  4. Is there a deadline for this project? If so, please mention the date.

  5. How did you find information about my service?

  6. If you have any coupon codes, please mention it here.

  7. Are you a returning client? Was I referred by someone? If so, please mention who.

Keep in mind that there will be a chance that I will not be able to work with you because of schedule conflicts or sickness. If this is the case, you will be immediately notified and refunded (as mentioned in contract**). 

*Email me for a quote and I will be able to set up a custom package for you. I am open to negotiation after your email with general info.

**Contracts will be drafted and sent out after you are given a quote. Please be aware of deadlines and cancellation fees. 


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