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Here, you can get a taste of my vocal style which is a mix of jazz, folk, and pop. Listed below are examples of my work. This includes cover songs and tracks that I have recorded vocals on, written music for, and/or produced.

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Since 2008, I've been posting covers of my favorite tunes on YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. Over the years, I found more creative ways to create music videos and more high-end productions.



I started working on my own demos later on in my life after discovering GarageBand on my first Macbook. I eventually took a Songwriting class in college and learned how to record/produce on Logic Pro X.



I joined SoundCloud and started browsing around. I found so many other artists just like me and I fell in love with the concept of collaboration. I have so much respect for other emerging artists. I did whatever I could just to find like-minded musicians.