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'dizzy spells' EP | Faerie

(2023) Faerie collaborates with LA producer Matty Bedrosian and ten other creatives to create this indie pop, sprinkled with folk and psychedelic sounds, 5-track EP. This new enchanting sound includes the writings of Faerie, which show late-night reflections of her past and overwhelming emotions.

If you like what you see and hear, it is encouraged to follow and/or contact team members who worked on this EP (sending a note like "I love your work on Faerie's 'dizzy spells' EP" is a good starter hehe) and maybe even consider them to work on your next project! You can find more about them by clicking each name below.

dizzy spells

Written By

Matty Bedrosian
Christine Joyce Lam

Christian Young ("k-town" & "champagne tears")

Vocals By

Christine Joyce Lam

Instrumentation & Produced By

Matty Bedrosian

Trumpets By

Jake Baldwin ("champagne tears")

Guitar 2 By
Dylan Grey ("virgo sun")

Mixed By

Bob Li

Mastered By

Gabi Grella

Video Produced & Edited By

Paige Duché


Gracie Kahn ("k-town" & "showgirl")
Joslin Keim ("champagne tears" & "dizzy spells")

Photography By

Ciara Nicdao

Makeup By
Hannah Lauren

Cover Art Illustrations By
Brian Scagnelli

Biography By

Jennifer Moglia

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