About Faerie

Faerie emerged from the depths of Christine Lam’s soothing, fluttering vocals and metaphorical songwriting. This 24-year-old, independent singer/songwriter is based in NYC and is influenced by pop, jazz, and folk sounds. Her newfound love for indie-pop and electro-pop motivated her to create her debut single "Fever Dream".


"When I used to go as 'stizza' this used to be my one hit wonder. Christine made an amazing job from the first day, I sent her the song and she came back with melodies, lyrics and a story to tell the world! I cannot recommend enough working with her."


"I have worked with a handful of singers and I must say Faerie is by far the best to work with. Not only is she blessed with a fantastic voice, but her talent and passion for writing music is out of this world. Faerie always come back to me with more then I expected, she always gave me a bunch of work to choose from. Faerie always gives great feedback and ideas! She really came apart of my project! Faerie is pure to work with."

Boy Friend / PRODUCER

"Christine's singing is top quality together with mature lyrical content. I highly recommend her for any project from dance, indie and pop styles. It's been a real pleasure to create songs with her."


"Faerie assisted with editing my lyrics and shaping melodies. The project was on a tight deadline and Faerie delivered before the due date, leaving more than enough time for revision; she was also very responsive throughout the duration of the project and accepted suggestions well. I will definitely be using her services again!"



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